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ingrown toenail treatment

Trusted Ingrowing Toenail Treatment in Cardiff & South Glamorgan

Don’t Delay In Getting Ingrown Toenail Treatment Today

Trusted Ingrowing Toenail Treatment At Our Friendly Family Run Podiatry Clinic

Our HCPC Podiatrists and Chiropodist are here to help you! Toenails becomes ‘ingrowing’ when the side of the nail cuts and embeds into the skin next to the nail.  This can become extremely painful. The medical term for this is Onychocryptosis.

We strongly recommend a conservative treatment as a first step to being pain free from ingrowing toenails.

What Is The Cost For Ingrown Toenail Treatment?

The cost of an ingrown toenail treatment in Cardiff is £40.  This ingrown toenail treatment will almost always give you instant relief to any pain you are feeling.  In some circumstance the Podiatrist will recommend you remove the ingrown toenail permanently, however, in most cases a conservative treatment is all that is necessary to treat your painful ingrowing toenail.


It is easy to book an appointment for your ingrown toenail treatment, either online selecting the ingrown toenail treatment option or by calling our friendly reception to book you in.  During your ingrowing toenail treatment appointment our HCPC Podiatrist will assess your feet and normally your ingrown toenail can be treated conservatively, we always put the health of our clients as a priority.  We also offer Nail Surgeries, which is a permanent removal of an ingrown toenail and is a quick minor surgical procedure, you can find out more about a permanent solution to your ingrowing toe nail by looking at our Nail Surgery section on our website.  

What Appointment For Ingrown Toenail Treatment?

What appointment do you need to help with your ingrown toenail? Go to 'book an appointment' under the 'nail surgery/ ingrown toenail' section for your ingrowing toenail treatment where one of our Cardiff Podiatrist specialists can assess your ingrown toenail and give you options for treatment.  Not everyone is eligible for a nail surgery and we will never perform a surgery on a client if any conditions do not allow for it, our clinic will always prioritise your health not our profits.  














There are basically two types of ingrowing toenail and we can help you:

ACUTE – where a piece of nail actually pierces the skin often resulting in infection and overgrowth of reactive tissue. We often see this in younger patients, particularly teenagers, but it can be the result of trauma or poor nail cutting techniques.


CHRONIC – where the nail shape gradually changes over the years, often associated with thickening. The nail edges tend to press into the soft tissues causing pain even with the lightest of pressures. This tends to be seen more from the age of 40 onwards and need not be associated with trauma. 

Fixing an ingrown toenail may be as simple as advice and help on toenail care or may require more complex ingrowing toenail removal surgery as mentioned above, which may include a nail surgery such as a partial nail removal or surgical nail edge excision.  Our HCPC Podiatrists and Chiropodist at Fordham-Rees Podiatry are expe
rts in treating ingrown toenails.

Ingrown Toenail Common causes:

  • Trauma to the nail

  • Improper cutting of toenails

  • Tight shoes or hosiery

  • Abnormal shape of nail plate

  • Abnormal thickness of nail

What is an Ingrowing Toenail? 

The toenail becomes ‘ingrowing’ when the side of the nail cuts into the skin next to the nail.  This can become very painful.  An ingrowing toenail is a medical condition where the outside edge(s) of the toenail becomes embedded into the soft tissue of the toe, causing irritation, pain, Inflammation, hypergranulation of the tissue or infection.  If this happens, our highly trained Cardiff Podiatrists at Fordham-Rees Podiatry can conservatively treat the ingrowing nail as painlessly as possible and give you complete relief from the excruciating pain.

In some cases, ingrown toenails are caused by tight fitting shoes, it is however more common in people who cut their toenails very short and ’round’. Our HCPC Podiatrist and Chiropodist can explain to you how to cut your nails the correct way so that you may be able to prevent your nail ingrowing in the future.  Our ingrown toenail treatment isn't just about treating the issue, we can help educate you on prevention so that future ingraining toenails are hopefully prevented.

If the ingrown toenail persists or becomes an ongoing problem, all or part of the toenail can be removed surgically under local anesthetic. This ingrown toenail treatment is very effective and more importantly permanent with a very high success rate.

There are several well-known causes for ingrown toenails, and sufferers may have one or more reasons why they have developed problems.

Book your ingrown toenail treatment appointment today by clicking the 'Book Appointment' button or calling our friendly reception 7 days a week.

ingrown toenail
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