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HCPC Podiatrists at Fordham-Rees Podiatry: The Experts in Nail Surgery for Ingrown Toe Nails

Introduction to Fordham-Rees Podiatry

Fordham-Rees Podiatry is a renowned podiatry clinic based in Cardiff. The clinic is home to a team of HCPC registered podiatrists and chiropodists who are experts in the field of foot and ankle care. Fordham-Rees Podiatry offers a range of services, including nail surgery for ingrown toenails, fungal nail infections, verrucae, and more.

What is an Ingrown Toenail?

An ingrown toenail is a common condition that occurs when the edge of the toenail grows into the skin surrounding it. This can cause pain, swelling, redness, and infection. Ingrown toenails can be caused by a variety of factors, including improper toenail trimming, tight-fitting shoes, injury, and genetics.

Why Should You Seek Professional Help for an Ingrown Toenail?

While some cases of ingrown toenails can be treated at home, it is important to seek professional help if the condition is severe or causing significant pain. A podiatrist or chiropodist can provide expert care and treatment for ingrown toenails, including nail surgery if necessary.

What is Nail Surgery for Ingrown Toenails?

Nail surgery is a minor surgical procedure that is used to treat severe or recurrent ingrown toenails. The procedure involves removing a portion of the toenail and the surrounding tissue to prevent the nail from growing into the skin. Nail surgery is typically performed under local anaesthetic and is a safe and effective way to permanently solve the problem of ingrown toenails.

Advantages of Nail Surgery for Ingrown Toenails

One of the main advantages of nail surgery for ingrown toenails is that it provides a permanent solution to the problem. Unlike other treatments, such orthotics, nail surgery eliminates the ingrown toenail entirely. This means that patients can enjoy long-term relief from the pain and discomfort caused by ingrown toenails.

Another advantage of nail surgery is that it is a relatively quick and simple procedure. Most clients are able to return to their normal activities within a few days of the surgery. In addition, the risk of complications from nail surgery is low, making it a safe and effective option for treating ingrown toenails.

Meet the HCPC Podiatrists at Fordham-Rees Podiatry

The team at Fordham-Rees Podiatry are experts in the field of foot and ankle care. Louise Fordham has years of experience in treating a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, including ingrown toenails. Our team is expanding shortly and we are hiring a second HCPC podiatrist, our team is committed to providing high-quality care and treatment to all clients, and we use the latest techniques and technology to ensure the best possible outcomes.

How to Prepare for Nail Surgery

Before undergoing nail surgery, patients will need to attend a consultation with one of the podiatrists or chiropodists at Fordham-Rees Podiatry. During the consultation, the podiatrist or chiropodist will assess the client's condition and determine whether nail surgery is the best course of treatment.

If nail surgery is recommended, the podiatrist or chiropodist will provide the patient with detailed instructions on how to prepare for the procedure. This may include avoiding certain medications or foods, arranging for someone to drive the patient home after the surgery, and wearing comfortable clothing on the day of the procedure.

Aftercare for Nail Surgery

After undergoing nail surgery, clients will need to take proper care of their toes to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery. This may include keeping the toe elevated, applying ice to reduce swelling, and taking pain medication as prescribed. Clients will also need to keep the toe dry and clean, and may need to change dressings regularly.

The podiatrists and chiropodists at Fordham-Rees Podiatry will provide detailed aftercare instructions to all clients who undergo nail surgery. They will also schedule free follow-up appointments to monitor the patient's progress and ensure that the toe is healing properly.

Book Your Appointment with Fordham-Rees Podiatry

If you are suffering from an ingrown toenail, the HCPC registered podiatrists and chiropodists at Fordham-Rees Podiatry can provide expert care and treatment. To book an appointment, simply visit the our website or call our friendly reception team 02922474116. With our expert care and cutting-edge treatments, Fordham-Rees Podiatry can help you achieve healthy, pain-free feet.

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