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Ingrowing toe nails

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

At our Podiatry clinic In Fairwater Green Cardiff our Podiatrist Louise Fordham treats many foot complaints. Ingrowing toenails is a common, often painful and debilitating foot health issue. At Fordham-Rees Podiatry our Cardiff Podiatrist can assess and treat this painful foot issue with you.

What is an ingrowing toenail

Ingrowing toenails most commonly but not exclusively affect the big toe. They occur when the nail grows around the side of the toe. This can be due to a a variety of causes such as trauma, ill fitting footwear, picking of nails or nails being cut incorrectly or even just due to the nail shape.

The ingrowing nail can cause Pain, inflammation and if left untreated it can in some cases cause a serious infection.

What can I do If I think I have an Ingrowing toenail?

Here at Fordham-Rees Podiatry our Podiatrist can assess the nail and advise on what treatment would be best. If you catch and ingrowing toenail early it is possible that the Podiatrist will be able to non-surgically trim the nail back without too much trouble, You will leave feeling much more comfortable This is known as conservative management and the Podiatrist will discuss this at your appointment. In cases where this option is not possible or the problem is re-occuring the Podiatrist may recommend nail surgery.

What is nail surgery?

Nail surgery is a small procedure where under a local anaesthetic the small offending piece of the nail is removed and the area treated to prevent the problem from re-occuring. The procedure is done here at our clinic on Fairwater green in Cardiff By Louise our lead Podiatrist, you will walk in and out within an hour.

Louise has preformed many nail surgery procedures over her extensive career, Louise will talk you through the procedure and discuss all risks and benefits, if this is a procedure that is required.

What happens after?

After your appointment you will be required to come back to have the area checked within 7 days. We will provide dressings for you to redress your toe. All aftercare will be discussed with you at your initial consultation before the procedure is booked.

How can I help prevent ingrowing toenails?

Prevention is always better than cure, so the advised from us here at Fordham-rees Podiatry is to do what you can at home and during self care to help prevent the nails ingrowing in the first place by:

Making sure you wear properly fitting shoes that are not too tight around the toes.

Keep your nails well maintained and avoid cutting them too short or digging down the sides of the nail (advice on how to best cut your nails can be given at an appointment with the podiatrist

If you are concerned you may have an ingrowing toe nail you can book an appointment with our Cardiff Podiatrist here at Fordham-rees Podiatry by calling the clinic on 02922474116

We recommend to book online at or alternatively you can send us a message on WhatsApp on 07359382287.

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