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Our own Super Hero Louise Fordham - Neurodiversity and how our Podiatrist can Help you

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Today one of our clients children had Autism, which is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects communication, social interaction, and behaviour. It is a complex condition that impacts individuals differently, and it can be challenging for those diagnosed with autism to navigate the world around them. While there is no known cure for autism, there are treatments and therapies available that can help individuals with autism live fulfilling and productive lives. I am writing from my perspective, as a clinic manager and Louise partner as what I witnessed from Louise Fordham our podiatrist was just phenomenal. I have experienced so much in life working abroad for 15 years and in Emirates Airlines as a inflight Manager, I have seen the world and experienced so much, managing crew for over 10 years, 600 passengers per flight dealing with 1000s of medical cases, abusive passengers, inflight emergencies and much much more.

But..... I can honestly say I have never seen anyone/ anything like how Louise was today in making this families child feel comfortable and welcome in the clinic in all my experience. The fear in his eyes when he first arrived through the door was immediately changed to laughter and happiness. Louise sat down and encouraged him to sit and talk next to her, she got on his level and made him feel less anxious to be here. She offered him to put the Podiatry chair up and down with the peddles. They drew pictures together on her disposable gloves she was wearing. I could hear the bursts of laughter and happiness. Lots of fun conversation with the boy..... he didn't want to leave in the end.....and all this to help treat a very bad verruca on his toe which was painful and making him struggle to walk. He had refused other professionals to even touch his feet. But Louise did all this so that the little boy would let her treat him.

Autism can Impact Individuals Ability to Walk

Many individuals with autism may have difficulty with motor skills, which can impact their ability to walk properly or wear appropriate shoes, and when this little boy had a large painful verruca on his big toe, this made him walk in a way to stop the pain from his big toe, and treatment was desperately needed. This is where our podiatrist Louise helped. At Fordham-Rees Podiatry we specialize in working with individuals with autism. Our podiatrists have the knowledge and expertise to assess each individual's needs and develop a bond

with them so they are happy to come back time and time again, no matter the issue. They can help with issues such as foot pain, verruca and warts, gait abnormalities, ingrowing toenails and will ensure the time is taken to make the client comfortable before we even consider treating.

Why come to a Podiatrist who Specialises in Neurodiversity

One of the benefits of working with a podiatrist who specialises in autism is that they understand the unique challenges that individuals with autism face, Louise Fordham is exceptional at working with anyone, as the clinic Manager, and Louises life partner, I am fully confident in her abilities to make all individuals no matter their circumstances feel comfortable in our clinic, and to be treated for what ever their foot related issue may be. That's the end goal of all of this, to not just care for your feet, but to care about you.

Why choose Louise Fordham as your Podiatrist

Louise Fordham is trained to communicate in a way which can help reduce anxiety and make the appointment more comfortable. Our Podiatrist is also have experience working with individuals who may have difficulty with touch or other sensory issues, so she can adapt her approach to ensure the patient feels safe and comfortable throughout the appointment. Today opened my eyes to just how good Louise is as not just a podiatrist but as an amazing human being. I am not just saying this because I am her partner or trying to promote our podiatry clinic, I am genuinely inspired by how incredible Louise was and always is with every client she helps to treat their feet.

Conclusion and Booking your Appointment

If one of your family, friends or someone you know has autism or any neurodiverse condition and needs help with their feet book an appointment with Louise our podiatrist, if we can not make the individual feel comfortable after spending time with them and we are not able to treat we will not charge. We don't just care for your feet, we care about you is are slogan. And we live this every day in our clinic.

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Nicholson Percy
Nicholson Percy

Schedule an appointment with our podiatrist space bar clicker, Louise, if you or a loved one suffers from autism or another neurodiverse disorder and requires assistance with their feet; if we are unable to alleviate their discomfort, we will do our best to aid them.

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