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Toenail Surgery Available At Our Clinic

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

If you have a nail problem that cannot be treated by routine podiatry at our Podiatry clinic; such as a deformed, involuted (curved) or ingrowing toenail.

Our podiatrist after assessment of your toenail may advise that you have either part of the toenail removed or the whole of the toenail removed. Louise Fordham our HCPC registered Podiatrists aim of the nail surgery is to relieve any pain you may have and to prevent infections caused by the toenail.

Please make travel arrangements to and from your appointment. You will be unable to drive until the effects of anaesthetic have worn of, as advised by the DVLA. We also do not advise walking home from our Podiatry clinic after your surgery.

If you are suffering with ingrown toenails and would like us to help relive the pain please get in touch.

We don't just care for your feet, we care about you!

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