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Are Toenail Ingrowns an Issue for You? What to Do if so!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Toenail ingrowns are a common and frustrating condition. These occur when the nail grows into the skin instead of coming up out of it. It’s not uncommon for toenails to grow in weird spots, but when this happens with your pinkies or even your big toes, it can be really problematic. If left untreated, ingrown nails can lead to severe pain, redness and pus formation. In some cases, the nail may have to be surgically removed to relieve the pressure on your skin. On top of that, they also cause discomfort during everyday activities such as walking or running. This is why you should treat ingrown nails immediately if you experience them! With a bit of knowledge and patience from you, this condition doesn’t have to be an issue forever.

What is Toenail Ingrown?

Toenail ingrowns occur when the nail “pops up” into the skin rather than growing out of it as it is intended to. This typically happens as a result of the nail being too long, too tight or too curved. It’s important to realize that this is not a fungus or bacterial infection. Instead, it’s a condition where the nail becomes trapped under the skin. This can happen in either one or both feet. Toenail ingrowns are often caused by the toe nails growing too fast or curving too sharply. They can also commonly happen to people who’ve had to have their nails removed, because nails are typically longer the first few days following a procedure.

Toenail Ingrown Treatment

If you’re suffering from a toenail ingrown, there are a few things you can try to reduce the frequency of these painful events. First, make sure to trim your nails regularly to ensure they are short enough to avoid getting trapped. Second, choose the right shape of your nails. Ideally, your nails should be no longer than your knuckles, so they can bend easily when you walk. Finally, wear shoes that are the right length and fit properly. In most cases, applying a nail polish with a base coat followed by a clear top coat can prevent your nails from curving too sharply and from catching on anything. This will prevent them from growing into the skin and being trapped. You can also try a toe nail pick or file to help you push your toenails out of the toes. However, I recommend you visit our podiatry clinic in Fairwater Cardiff and book to see our podiatrist who can help make you more comfortable.

Learn to recognize Toenail Ingrowns Signs

It can be difficult to identify ingrown toenails at first, but there are certain signs you should be looking out for. If your toenails have begun growing into the skin, you might notice a red bump on the underside of your foot. Alternatively, if your nail starts to become yellow or brown, it may be protruding from the skin. You can also try to identify ingrown toenails by taking a look at the nail itself. If you notice that the nail has become curved, you may want to examine it more closely. If you notice any of these signs, you should visit our podiatrist right away. We can make sure you don’t have an infection and recommend a treatment plan accordingly.

When to see our HCPC Podiatrist

If you experience ingrown toenails on a regular basis, you may want to see our Podiatrist. We can examine your feet and toes and figure out if there is anything causing the problem. This can help you determine if you need to trim your nails or change your footwear. Depending on the severity of the situation, our Podiatrist may also be able to surgically remove the ingrown nail. If you have ingrown toenails that are causing you pain, you should definitely see our Podiatrist.

Final Words

Most people will experience at least one instance of this condition, and there are many things you can do to prevent it and treat it when it occurs. If you are someone who is prone to ingrown toenails, there are several things you can do to prevent them. First, make sure your toenails are trimmed regularly and no longer growing. Second, choose the right shape of your toenails. Lastly, wear shoes that are the right length and fit properly. And if you are unsure book an appointment with our podiatrist by clicking the button below.

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