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Chilblains Advice


What are they?

Chilblains are areas of inflammation in the toes. They can cause a burning sensation, and become itchy in more severe cases, the surface of the skin may break down and blisters or sores may then develop.

Why do we get chilblains?

During the winter months in the damp cold weather, chilblains are more likely to occur after being exposed to the cold.

When we are cold the small blood vessels near to the surface of the skin constrict (get narrower) when the skin is then exposed to heat the vessels dilate (widen) this can happen fast and sometimes these smaller vessels can not cope with the increase in blood flow. Blood can then leak out into the surrounding tissue causing redness, itching and swelling.

Who are at risk?

Some people are more at risk of chilblains. Preventative advice is valuable in helping you be prepared for the colder months.

Why not speak to your podiatrist for ways to help you prepare your feet for the colder weather?

At our Podiatry Clinic in Fairwater Cardiff we can help you to care for your feet. We are fully insured and HCPC registered. We don't just care for your feet, we care about you.

We care about your feet

As the lead podiatrist in our Podiatry Clinic in Cardiff, I always will do my best to offer you the assessment, treatment and after care you deserve.

Louise Fordham

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