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LCN Nail Reconstruction

At Fordham-Rees Podiatry clinic in Cardiff Fairwater, our Podiatrist Louise offers LCN Nail reconstruction treatment. We are one of few podiatry clinics in Cardiff to offer this service. And our price is extremely competitive from £55, each additional nail is £5. If included with routine Podiatry is £80. Normally £95rrp.

What is nail reconstruction ? 

Damage of the toenails can be both uncomfortable and look unattractive. LCN nail reconstruction is  a cosmetic treatment that is used to reconstruct, reshape and improve the appearance of damaged or discoloured toe nails. This treatment is used for correcting nail deformities such as 

  • Mis-shapen nails 

  • Damaged nails 

  • Dis-coloured nails 

  • Fungal nails 

  • Cracked/split nails 

  • Or Missing toe nails

  • LCN gels do not use any aggressive products so there is no damage caused to the nail plate. The gel is flexible so it does not prevent the growth of the natural nail. The gel is also non-porous which means that water can not penetrate into the nail so it is ideal for covering fungal nails as and preventing further spread of infections.

 The strength and flexibility of the LCN reconstructed nail means it can last a number of weeks/months 

We advise you have the nail removed and replaced every 8 weeks. This is so our podiatrist can check the health of the underlying nail on a regular basis and to ensure your reconstructed nail looks it best. 

Here at Fordham-Rees Podiatry in Fairwater we offer LCN nail reconstruction as a stand alone treatment or combine this along with your routine podiatry to have amazing looking and feeling feet. 

Our Cardiff podiatrists are happy to help you achieve the look you want!

To book an appointment call our reception or book online via our site!

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