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Let’s help the environment

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

We officially accept card payments and fully set up at our Cardiff Podiatry clinic, including google pay, Apple Pay, tap pay etc.

Due to receipt’s being environmentally unfriendly and costly to our planet we will be offering receipts via text or email to you.

Did you know…..

Most receipts are made from a combination of plastic and paper, and they also contain a harmful chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA). Since the materials cannot be separated and BPA cannot be removed from the paper, receipts are not recyclable.

We are working on ways to ensure our clinic is as environmentally friendly as possible including online consent forms rather then paper; however, due to the legal requirement of these forms if someone needed to fill it in in person on a physical paper, we will have some available, we do encourage our clients once we start digital forms to use them. It’s not just environmentally friendly, it’s also quicker and easier. Meaning, when you arrive at our clinic you can relax on one of our comfy chairs or sofa with throws on each (if you require) and enjoy one of our luxury teas and coffee, or a glass of Evian before your treatment/ consultation with our podiatrist.

We are also open to anyone’s feedback in helping our Podiatry clinic become more eco friendly, as this planet won’t survive if we don’t look after it.

We don’t just care for your feet, we care about you.

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