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Our Podiatry clinic in Cardiff offers you a high standard in a luxury setting

At our new podiatry clinic opening soon in Fairwater, Cardiff. we aim to provide both an excellent and personal service to all our patients.

Louise our Podiatrist knows that patients often visit a podiatrist with specific concerns such as a painful corns, hard skin, verrucas, or Ingrowing toenails along with a variety of other foot complaints.

These issues would be treated at a routine appointment. During this appointment we would assess your foot health and discuss if

there are any underlying issues that are causing the problem you are having. That ingrowning toenail could be a result of footwear that is a little unsuitable. Or that corn a result if pressure from the way you walk.

At our Podiatry clinic in Fairwater our routine podiatry appointments will offer a whole treatment. This appointment will include assessment and treatment with aftercare or self care advice.

We want you to be happy and feel you have received a 5 star service.

At our Podiatry clinic in cardiff we want you to feel valued and listened to and your concerns with your foot health addressed.

Before you see your Podiatrist/chiropodist for your appointment we will ask you to fill in a Patient details and consent form so we have all the required information about you and your health to allow us to provide you with the most suitable Treatment.

During your routine appointment at our podiatry clinic in Cardiff we will cut your toenails, thin down any thickened nails using a file and reduce any hard skin or corns. We will then use a file to smooth off the skin to the sole of your feet, followed by applying of a foot cream to finish off during your appointment, feel free to ask your podiatrist questions. They will always be happy to give some advice.

And finally we at Fordham-Rees Podiatry we want you to have a great experience with us, from the moment you set foot into our Podiatry clinic in Cardiff. Till you dance out

Fordham-Rees Podiatry

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