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Get To Know Our Team

Brynmor Rees Clinic Manager

A warm welcome to our clients, new and existing. At Fordham-Rees Podiatry we strive to be a Podiatry Clinic in Cardiff with a difference. We Don't just care for your feet, we care about you. From an easy online booking, WhatsApp or call to our reception; we give multiple options to make your appointment process as simple/ convenient as possible. Then when you arrive at our Chiropody Clinic in Cardiff we are here to welcome you with comfortable chairs, a sofa, magazines and a warm smile. On every chair is a beautiful warm throw that you can use to make yourself more comfortable. And if you arrive slightly earlier for your appointment we have a tea and coffee menu with a variety of different teas and Nespresso coffee.

My job is to ensure the experience you have at our clinic goes smoothly from start to finish, and to always improve our service for our clients.

About me

I am Welsh, however I was born in South Africa and lived in Kenya, England, Scotland, Dubai and Wales. I have successfully managed my own photography business in the past and travelled the world making videos and taking photos. I still enjoy photography and videography, however my focus is making our podiatry clinic a success. I love Fairwater in Cardiff where our clinic will be based, in the heart of Fairwater. An ideal location for our clients. With disabled access and ample parking, wide doors for wheelchairs, handles by the door if you need a little assistance, and a comfy reception area you can relax while you wait for your appointment. I hope to see you at our Cardiff Podiatry Clinic when we open.

We Welcome Feedback

If you have feedback, concerns, compliments, please let me know. You can contact me I am here for my clients and to make sure you are completely satisfied with our podiatrists and service.

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